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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All in one touchscreen computers

All in one touchscreen computers are a reality, not a strange gadget anymore. Find out more how technology has evolved and how you can benefit from it.
Are you thinking of buying yourself the new Apple iPad tablet PC, or a different tablet PC? That might be a great idea, but we believe we have an even better solution for you. You could go for one of the all in one touchscreen computers. All in one touchscreen computers offer you a desktop computer with the added feature of a touch screen. Most of them are also very stylish.
All in one touchscreen PCs will let you get the benefit of a normal desktop computer and a tablet PC at once. No need for having two different devices when one can do the job of the two on its own.
A very inspired choice you could make if you want an all-in-one is the thin HP Touch Smart 2. The 1300 dollar product is bound to let you have a wonderful time with it. It has a 22 inch screen and everything hides inside it: a 500 GB hard disk drive, a 256MB Nvidia GeForce 9300 video card, the Wi-Fi hardware, and the last but not the least a dual core processor from Intel: the 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo T5850.The truth is that all in one touchscreen computers are quite expensive, but they may also be worth the extra money. A touch screen desktop will be much more versatile than a normal desktop. Touchscreen computers are a pretty new concept but they are probably the future of computers.
If you would prefer an all in one that is not that big you could go for the Visible Interactive 153 Fan less Touch Screen PC. This touch screen desktop has a 1 GHz VIA Nehemiah CPU, 256Mb (you can expand it to 512Mb) of RAM system memory, a 64Mb video card and a 20Gb hard disk drive. It runs on Windows XP operating system. Even if it is not as powerful as the HP we have presented before it is a great desktop to choose if you do not plan on using it for gaming or editing graphics.
There are many interesting all in one touchscreen computers you could buy so the best thing you can do is to start looking for a model you would prefer. A touch screen computer is a really great addition to the electronic products you already have in your house. We hope you will have fun with it!


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